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Adam Silver
5th Commissioner of the NBA
Assumed office
February 1, 2014
Deputy Mark Tatum
Preceded by David Stern
Personal details
Born (1962-04-25) April 25, 1962 (age 54)
Rye, New York, U.S.
Nationality American
Alma mater Duke University
University of Chicago Law School
Occupation Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

I love technology. I have my iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and Mac laptop. Because I love technology, I think if I were not at the NBA, I would try to be part of a tech startup company.
Adam Silver
I watch college basketball and sports in general. I'm also a runner. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Central Park, so I try to squeeze in runs through Central Park when I can.
Adam Silver
Ultimately, the issue is not whether you are pro- or anti-sports betting. You begin, from my standpoint, from the premise that it is going to continue to exist, and if it is going to continue to exist, should it be shoved underground, or should it be regulated?
Adam Silver
I tend to be a pretty physical person.
I ran track. I ran cross country. But I did not play organized basketball in high school, at least on our team. But I played a lot of sports.
Adam Silver
I'm not coming in as an advocate of sports gambling. I'm trying to be more of a realist to say it's going on in a massive way… and I think the right course would be therefore to legalize it and regulate it.
Adam Silver
Strong college basketball is great for the NBA.
Technology is changing the world; it's changing our sport. It's changing the way people are following the NBA.
Adam Silver
I'm a huge fan of the game. It's beyond a fringe benefit of obviously getting to work at the league office. I watch a ton of games in person, on television, on all forms of new media I follow the league. And so it's just beyond my wildest imaginations to me to now be the commissioner of the NBA.
Adam Silver
I would say I was into two sports as a kid: basketball and baseball.
While, to me, daily fantasy is in no way sports betting, it's certainly a cousin of sports betting in that it attracts many of the same type of people who would otherwise choose to bet on sports.
Adam Silver
Basketball is so unique. It's both a team and an individual sport.