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Barbara Delinsky
Born (1945-08-09) August 9, 1945 (age 71)
Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.)
Pen name Barbara Delinsky,
Bonnie Drake,
Billie Douglas
Occupation Novelist, Non-fiction writer
Nationality American
Period 1981–present
Genre literary fiction, drama
Subject Breast Cancer

In plotting a book, my goal is to raise the stakes for the characters and, in so doing, keep the reader mesmerized.
Barbara Delinsky
I'm not convinced that abstinence-only education works.
I believe in growth - in myself and in the characters I create.
As I plotted 'Blueprints,' I realized that ageism against women is most obvious in the field of entertainment – and that I needed a TV show in my book.
Barbara Delinsky
Each of my books is different from the last, each with its own characters, its own setting, its own themes. As a writer, I need the variety. I sense my readers do, too.
Barbara Delinsky
Parents do bear some of the responsibility if they don't talk to their kids, are never around, even deny their kids the love that young girls often crave when they decide to have a baby.
Barbara Delinsky
Too often, I've seen instances where we have an idea of what we want to be, where we want to go, and with whom – before life steps in the way, throws something at us that is beyond our control, and changes everything.
Barbara Delinsky