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Barbara Lynn

Barbara Lynn on stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 2008
Background information
Birth name Barbara Lynn Ozen
Born (1942-01-16) January 16, 1942 (age 74)
Origin Beaumont, Texas, United States
Genres Rhythm and blues, electric blues[1]
Occupation(s) Singer, guitarist, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1962–present
Labels Jamie, Tribe, Atlantic, Jetstream, Ichiban, Bullseye Blues, I.T.P., Antone’s, Dialtone

I tell my grandchildren – I've got seven of them – to go to college and get that degree first. I could have stayed in college and still recorded. Isn't that something? The kids of today are doing it.
Barbara Lynn
You'd always see a lady or a little girl sitting at a piano. I decided I wanted to play something more unexpected, so that's when I got interested in learning to play the guitar.
Barbara Lynn
I've gotta stick to my roots, and my roots are blues.
I really wish that I would have gone to college. Even my son, who's into rap himself, I tell him and tell his children, 'Go to college. Get that education – it is so important. Don't do like I did.' I had all this singing on my mind, and I just didn't have time for it.
Barbara Lynn
I decided that playing piano was a little bit too common, you know what I mean?
Barbara Lynn
In my relationship with a young guy I was going with in a band – his name was Sylvester, and I think he had another little girl on the side – I told him, 'If you lose me, you're going to lose a good thing.' And I went home and put that poem to music.
Barbara Lynn
I go on stage with what God gave me – and that's a natural high. I don't need nothing to perk me up. The audience picks me up enough. That's the total God's truth.
Barbara Lynn
God has taken care of me, and mother dear has taken care of me, too. All my life.
Barbara Lynn