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Ben Linder

Linder with Nicaraguan children
Born (1959-07-07)July 7, 1959
Died April 28, 1987(1987-04-28) (aged 27)
Nationality American
Occupation Engineer
Known for Electrification work in rural Nicaragua, murdered while working on a hydroelectric facility near El Cuá [1]

So, instead, I try to put in light and hope for the best.
It's a wonderful feeling to work in a country where the government's first concern is for its people, for all its people.
Ben Linder
Anything you can do needs to be done, so pick up the tool of your choice and get started.
Ben Linder
I see the kids and I feel like taking them all away to a safe place to hide until the war stops and the hunger stops and El Cua becomes strong enough to give them the care they deserve.
Ben Linder