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Edwin Soeryadjaya
Born (1949-07-17) 17 July 1949 (age 67)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Residence Jakarta, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesian
Education Bachelor of Arts/Science
Alma mater University of Southern California, United States
Occupation Founder of Saratoga Investama Sedaya
Co-Founder of Adaro Energy
Known for Indonesia’s 12th wealthiest people (2012), 913th world (March 2012)
Net worth US$ 1,4 billion (March 2012)
Parent(s) William Soeryadjaya (father)
Lily Anwar (mother)

Indonesia is a very huge country, geographically and in number of people, and there is still a lot of growth in the income level; It is very easy to assume there is a lot of demand for travel.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
We are still looking for opportunities in plantation, in palm oil. When it is bad, you want to buy because, in the long term, I am confident that plantation is a good bet. To me, it is always in demand; there is no substitute yet for palm oil.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
We would be billionaires, but we took responsibility for Summa's failure.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
If you don't pay bribes, people think you're odd. It's very sad. I cannot say that I'm proud to be an Indonesian. This is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
If you want to remain the best, you have to keep on doing what you are good at.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
I'm the son of a former billionaire, but I'm just a working man.
Adaro Energy has been our greatest success.
We know our responsibilities to our investors, and one of our challenges has always been preventing foreign investors from thinking that Indonesia is not a good place to invest.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
The mandate that I got from my investors is to invest. So far, we are on the right track, and it is the right formula to invest in Indonesia.
Edwin Soeryadjaya
Power plants are an infrastructure backbone that I want to be seriously involved in; this is because the country is rapidly developing and has high demand for electricity.
Edwin Soeryadjaya