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Filippo Brunelleschi

Presumed depiction in Resurrection of the Son of Theophilus, Masaccio
Born Filippo di ser Brunellesco di Lippo Lapi[1]
Florence, Italy
Died April 15, 1446 (aged 68–69)
Known for Architecture, sculpture, mechanical engineering
Notable work Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore
Movement Early Renaissance

Many are ready, when listening to the inventor, to belittle and deny his achievements so that he will no longer be heard in honourable places, but after some months or a year, they use the inventor's words in speech or writing or design.
Filippo Brunelleschi
Do not share your inventions with many; share them only with the few who understand and love the sciences.
Filippo Brunelleschi
We must not show to all and sundry the secrets of the waters flowing in ocean and river, or the devices that work on these waters. Let there be convened a council of experts and masters in mechanical art to deliberate what is needed to compose and construct these works.
Filippo Brunelleschi
I propose to build for eternity.
To disclose too much of one's inventions and achievements is one and the same thing as to give up the fruit of one's ingenuity.
Filippo Brunelleschi
The gifts given to us by God must not be relinquished to those who speak ill of them and who are moved by envy or ignorance.
Filippo Brunelleschi