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Gail Porter

Porter in 2009
Born (1971-03-23) 23 March 1971 (age 45)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Television presenter, television personality, former model, actress
Television Fully Booked
The Big Breakfast
The Movie Chart Show
The Gadget Show
Celebrity Big Brother
Dead Famous
Spouse(s) Dan Hipgrave
(m. 2001; separated 2004)[1]
Children 1

My parents' marriage was very rocky. They were always arguing. When they split up when I was in my 20s, my brother and I were both delighted because we knew they weren't good for each other.
Gail Porter
I know a lot of celebrity types go for Kabbalah and Scientology. But why pay 10 per cent of your earnings to someone when it's all common sense: treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself.
Gail Porter
I don't think I'm that intelligent. I think I'm semi-intelligent.
Gail Porter
I used to be pretty reckless. When I was a runner for a production company, I drove a massive 16 seater van. I was only 18. I mean I look young now, but then I looked about 12.
Gail Porter
I read in the paper that I'd slashed my wrists. But I didn't.
I don't believe in God.
I just don't think men fancy me.
I'm a mum, so my wardrobe consists of sweaters and jeans. As long as I don't leave the house forgetting my jeans, I count that as a fashion success.
Gail Porter
I love books.

Bald is the new black!
I try to cope with everything through humor.
I have tried therapy a couple of times, but it hasn't worked.
I've always had an addictive nature.
When you have children, that's your main focus.
Mmm, I love Yoda. I didn't like Jar Jar Binks though, he was all wrong.
Gail Porter
When I was bald, I went through a period where I seemed to do nothing except TV programmes about being bald.
Gail Porter
I do tend to overdo everything.
I do mixed martial arts, mainly kickboxing.
So long as you've got your friends about you, and a good positive attitude, you don't really have to care what everyone else thinks.
Gail Porter
Every day I do something that freaks me out.
My mum brought me up to think that personal happiness is more important than your family.
Gail Porter
Mum's a worrier, she looked after everybody apart from herself – I think it runs in the family.
Gail Porter
I have a problem with cleaning. It's my release. I get up at 6 A.M. and clean and hoover and mop everything. Then I feel better.
Gail Porter
I read everything and anything. I love books.
I like routine.
I'm so bored of all these girls who have written about 20 books by the time they're 25.
Gail Porter
People say, what is she thinking? I'm thinking: fun; cash; travel.
I don't miss my pin-up days. I'm far too old for that malarkey.
Usually I trundle about in trainers and baggy jeans, looking about as attractive as a potato.
Gail Porter
TV presenting isn't the hardest job in the world, and I've done all right financially out of it.
Gail Porter
Love has no age.
Bald is the new black!
The greatest thing you can give a child is confidence.
Exercise keeps me occupied, which is good for my mental health.
But I love New York. I used to set my alarm clock when I was there, and get up at 4am and get a coffee, just because I could.
Gail Porter
The more I read about feeding times, sleep times and waking-up times, the more inadequate and miserable I felt.
Gail Porter
I'm always weeping at something or other.
You can go to the doctor a million times if you're feeling down, and get nowhere, but if you go for a run it makes you feel really good.
Gail Porter
Scotland is the best place in the whole world.
I want to break down some of the stigma associated with mental illness.
My mother and I were very close and even when I left home and came to London I would ring her every day. She was very proud of me and loved my celebrity. She would often come to shoots and TV shows with me.
Gail Porter
What's so brave about being bald? I've not fought for my country or found the cure for cancer – I've just gone out without my hat on!
Gail Porter
I didn't have any problem bonding with Honey, but I was plagued with insecurities about my ability to bring up my baby.
Gail Porter