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Hans Fischer
Born (1881-07-27)27 July 1881
Höchst on Main, Germany
Died 31 March 1945(1945-03-31) (aged 63)
Munich, Germany
Nationality Germany
Fields Chemistry
Institutions University of Innsbruck,
University of Vienna,
Technical University of Munich
Alma mater University of Lausanne,
University of Marburg
Doctoral advisor Emil Fischer
Doctoral students

Werner Zerweck
Adolf Stachel
Heinz Gibian

Notable awards Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1930)
Davy Medal (1937)

In cases of porphyria, a minor disease, the patient excretes large quantities of porphyrins.
Hans Fischer
Coproporphyrin in particular is widespread; traces are present in normal urine and also in yeast. In special cultures, yeast can be made to produce considerable quantities of coproporphyrin.
Hans Fischer
If we introduce iron complexly into ooporphyrin, we obtain haemin.
The blood pigment haemoglobin is a compound which can be split by diverse methods into its constituents, pigment and protein.
Hans Fischer