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Hansjörg Wyss
Born (1935-09-19) 19 September 1935 (age 81)
Bern, Switzerland
Residence Wilson, Wyoming, U.S.
Alma mater Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich[1]
Harvard Business School
Occupation Former CEO of Synthes
Chairman of The Wyss Foundation and The HJW Foundation
Net worth $6.1 billion
(January 2015)[2]
Children Amy Wyss

We have so many rich people in Switzerland. They should take more responsibility for the general public. There is almost no tradition of philanthropy here anymore, unlike in the U.S.
Hansjorg Wyss
Nobody knows me, and I hope that it stays like this.
I am very grateful for the opportunities I've had and feel I have a duty to repay my good fortune through philanthropic endeavors that expand the reach of human possibility and compassion.
Hansjorg Wyss
Two things are vital for me. I've always had people who protected me, and I've always had people who helped me. Before I decide, I consult with three, four people who I trust.
Hansjorg Wyss