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Harold Clayton Urey

Harold Urey
Born (1893-04-29)April 29, 1893
Walkerton, Indiana
Died January 5, 1981(1981-01-05) (aged 87)
La Jolla, California
Nationality United States
Fields Physical chemistry
Institutions University of Copenhagen
Johns Hopkins University
Columbia University
Institute for Nuclear Studies
University of Chicago
University of California, San Diego
Alma mater Earlham College
University of Montana
University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisor Gilbert N. Lewis
Doctoral students Stanley Miller
Harmon Craig
Mildred Cohn
Known for discovery of deuterium
Miller–Urey experiment
Urey–Bradley force field
Notable awards Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1934)
Willard Gibbs Award (1934)
Davy Medal (1940)
Franklin Medal (1943)
Medal for Merit (1946)
Fellow of the Royal Society (1947)
J. Lawrence Smith Medal (1962)
National Medal of Science (1964)
Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1966)
Priestley Medal (1973)
V. M. Goldschmidt Award (1975)

Nature can always be more complicated than we imagine.
The space program is not only scientific in purpose but also is an expression of man's insistent determination to do the nearly impossible – to explore the unknown, even at great risk.
Harold Urey
In general, exchange reactions for the lighter isotopes have equilibrium constants sufficiently different from unity, so that the ratios of concentrations of the isotopes in two compounds which are in equilibrium differ by a few per cents in nearly all cases.
Harold Urey
The discovery of deuterium and the marked differences in the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and deuterium, together with an efficient method for the separation of these isotopes, have opened an interesting field of research in several of the major branches of science.
Harold Urey