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Heinrich Schliemann
Born (1822-01-06)6 January 1822
Neubukow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Died 26 December 1890(1890-12-26) (aged 68)
Naples, Italy
Nationality German
Fields Archaeology
Influenced Arthur Evans
V. Gordon Childe

From that moment, I did not cease to pray to God that by his grace it might one day be permitted to me to learn Greek.
Heinrich Schliemann
No, this customary aim of research by excavators is completely foreign to the historical work with which I am occupied… my sole and only aim is to be able to establish a historical fact, on which I disagree with some eminent historians and geographers.
Heinrich Schliemann
We could imagine nothing pleasanter than to spend all of our lives digging for relics of the past.
Heinrich Schliemann