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Jack Kent Cooke

Jack Kent Cooke (right) c. 1955
Born (1912-10-25)October 25, 1912
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Died April 6, 1997(1997-04-06) (aged 84)
Middleburg, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Businessman:
Print/electronic media
Sport teams owner
Racehorse owner/breeder

I don't intend to die.
The name of the Redskins will remain the Redskins.
Nobody's going to write a book about me, because nobody's going to find anything worth writing a book about.
Jack Kent Cooke
Having this interest here in the Redskins is the chief hobby of my life.
I've always had a will to succeed, to win, however you phrase it.
As long as I own this football team and long after I'm gone, they will always be the Washington Redskins.
Jack Kent Cooke
I have spoken to many, many Indian chiefs who say they have no objection whatsoever to the nickname.
Jack Kent Cooke
Sports are one of the main cultural activities on the face of the earth.