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Karl Pearson

Karl Pearson in 1912.
Born Carl Pearson
(1857-03-27)27 March 1857
Islington, London, England
Died 27 April 1936(1936-04-27) (aged 79)
Coldharbour, Surrey, England
Residence England
Nationality British
Fields Lawyer, Germanist, eugenicist, mathematician and statistician (primarily the last)
Institutions University College London
King’s College, Cambridge
Alma mater King’s College, Cambridge
University of Heidelberg
Academic advisors Francis Galton
Notable students Philip Hall
John Wishart
Julia Bell
Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
Known for Principal Component Analysis
Pearson distribution
Pearson’s r
Pearson’s chi-squared test
Phi coefficient
Influenced Albert Einstein, Henry Ludwell Moore, James Arthur Harris
Notable awards Darwin Medal (1898)

The mathematician, carried along on his flood of symbols, dealing apparently with purely formal truths, may still reach results of endless importance for our description of the physical universe.
Karl Pearson
Statistics is the grammar of science.