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Laird Barron
Born 1970
Palmer, Alaska
Occupation Writer, sled dog racer
Nationality United States
Period 2000–
Genre Speculative fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, science fiction, poetry

Mom was all about hellfire and brimstone. Her Old Testament God was a colossal, ancient brute, a maelstrom of blood and fire, of appetite and wrath.
Laird Barron
During my adolescence, our family dwelt in rural Alaska. We were dirt poor, Depression-era poor. Tarpaper shack and kerosene lamps. In those days I read because that's all I had. I wrote because that's all I had.
Laird Barron
Mom and Dad were bibliophiles. Dad shared his father's love of westerns, Mom favored the likes of Zelazny and Heinlein, Howard and Burroughs. We owned several hundred books stored in trunks that comprised our portable library.
Laird Barron
My paternal grandfather was a failed novelist. He stacked boxes of rejected manuscripts in a closet.
Laird Barron