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Lars Onsager

Lars Onsager
Born (1903-11-27)November 27, 1903
Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
Died October 5, 1976(1976-10-05) (aged 72)
Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.
Residence United States
Nationality Norway, U.S.
Fields Physical chemist

ETH Zürich
Johns Hopkins University
Brown University
Yale University
University of Miami

Alma mater

Yale University
Norwegian Institute of Technology

Doctoral advisor Peter Debye[1]
Doctoral students

Stefan Machlup
Joseph L. McCauley
John Nagle[1]

Known for

Onsager–Machlup function
Onsager reciprocal relations, the exact solution to the two-dimensional Ising model and for revealing the physics behind the De Haas–van Alphen effect


Notable awards

Lorentz Medal (1958)
Willard Gibbs Award (1962)
Peter Debye Award (1965)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1968)
National Medal of Science (1968)
ForMemRS (1975)[3]

Estimates of the ionic mobilities vary over a considerable range; but in any event, the positive ionic defect is much more mobile in the solid than in the liquid, and its mobility varies very little with the temperature.
Lars Onsager
The thermodynamic properties of electrolyte solutions can be determined from the measurements of the voltage between electrodes reversible to both ions.
Lars Onsager
I have received the greatest honor in my life – and the greatest surprise. Never did I dream that the Nobel Prize could be awarded for the reciprocal relations.
Lars Onsager