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Laura Lippman

Lippman at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 24, 2008
Born (1959-01-31) January 31, 1959 (age 57)
Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation Author
Alma mater Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Wilde Lake High School
Subject Detective fiction
Notable awards Agatha, Anthony, Edgar, Nero, Barry, Macavity, Strand and Shamus
Spouse David Simon

I'm at the age most people are sending their kids off to college.
I think I'm part of a generation of crime writers all of whom woke up independently and recoiled with horror at the fact that we'd chosen this very conservative genre.
Laura Lippman
I've gotten to do a lot of stuff, traveled, worked hard at my career.
It's very different to have this kid that I'm truly responsible for.
Laura Lippman
I think Baltimore suffers from nostalgia and it keeps us from being honest in talking about what really happened here. A place doesn't have to be perfect to be beloved, and I love this city and I love it better for seeing its flaws.
Laura Lippman
Anyone can love a perfect place. Loving Baltimore takes some resilience.