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Lauren Socha

Lauren Socha in 2011
Born Lauren Marie Socha
(1990-06-09) 9 June 1990 (age 26)
Derby, Derbyshire, England
Residence Derby, Derbyshire, England
Nationality English
Occupation Actress
Known for Comedy-drama television series Misfits
Relatives Michael Socha (brother)

I'd love to be in a period drama, though my dream role is to be in a film with Ray Winstone and Tom Hardy.
Lauren Socha
I want to do theatre and I want to do period drama.
Derby born and bred, mate.
I love playing serious! That's a relief for me. It means something. It sounds dead corny and cheesy, but on a day-to-day basis, you can't just let loose and cry. So as an actress playing those gritty roles, I can play it quite decently.
Lauren Socha
It's dead nice to know I've achieved something.
No one understands my accent. I'm constantly going to auditions and being told they don't like how I talk. You have to live with criticism, and I don't take it personally.
Lauren Socha
I'm ready for theatre. I'm ready for dramas, period stuff, films. I want to achieve everything.
Lauren Socha
I couldn't hope to be in anything better than 'Misfits.' The reaction from fans has been mental. The weirdest thing is when people tell me I'm their inspiration. I can't believe I get fan mail, and loads of free clothes. Adidas sent me lots of stuff; it's wicked!
Lauren Socha