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Laurent Brancowitz

Performing at Eurockéennes 2007
Background information
Birth name Laurent Mazzalai
Born (1973-10-19) 19 October 1973 (age 43)

Indie rock
alternative rock



Years active 1992–present


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It's a great honor when somebody takes your song and does something different with it. That's what music is all about: to constantly change what somebody else has done.
Laurent Brancowitz
When people say 'stadium songs,' it's really negative. All the festival headliners, I've realised, are usually the worst bands.
Laurent Brancowitz
I thought it was too 'glam rock' to practice. The problem is that now I'm a pretty bad guitar player.
Laurent Brancowitz
To me, the idea of living this lifestyle is so boring that I would prefer to read Marcel Proust the whole time during a tour.
Laurent Brancowitz
It's a complicated relationship with a guitar. I love the Bullet, for sure.
Laurent Brancowitz
I am the extreme member of the band because I never go out after the show. It's my rule.
Laurent Brancowitz
The bands you like and know that are French are always outsiders in the French music industry – Daft Punk, Air.
Laurent Brancowitz
I always considered technical musicianship as something you should be ashamed of – I don't know why.
Laurent Brancowitz
My heroes, I couldn't imagine them practicing. Like Bob Dylan, you know? Bob Dylan's a very, very good guitar player, but it's like he's trying to hide it. I always loved this attitude. When you're very good… it's like being an athlete – and I always hated sports!
Laurent Brancowitz