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Majandra Delfino

Delfino in June 2014
Born Maria Alejandra Delfino
(1981-02-20) February 20, 1981 (age 35)
Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation Musician, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, artist
Years active 1997—
Spouse(s) Devon Gummersall (October 6, 2007–2008; divorced)
David Walton (March 18, 2011—present)
Children 2

I'm from Miami, I love it when we're out in the heat. When it's cold, I'm like, 'I'm never acting again,' because it's too freezing.
Majandra Delfino
I would say that it's a lot easier, especially if you have a bit of an attention deficit disorder, to be on a movie because you can give it your all, and kill yourself for however many months, and then let it go.
Majandra Delfino
If you try to kill yourself for a role on the TV show, you'll succeed. It's too long, it's too much. So, it's tough, but the challenge is a good thing.
Majandra Delfino
It's so funny, actors usually have a directing ambition. I've got no ambition for directing.
Majandra Delfino
I'm not girly girly enough to care how I look on TV, or if I'm wearing the correct make up.
Majandra Delfino