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Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann, 1964. (L-R): Tom McGuinness, Manfred Mann, Mike Hugg, Mike Vickers and Paul Jones
Background information
Also known as Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers
Origin London, England
Genres Beat, rhythm and blues, psychedelic pop
Years active 1962–1969
Labels HMV, EMI, Capitol, Ascot (US), Fontana, Mercury (US)
Associated acts Manfred Mann Chapter Three, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, The Blues Band, The Manfreds, McGuinness Flint
Past members Manfred Mann
Mike Hugg
Mike Vickers
Dave Richmond
Paul Jones
Mike d’Abo
Klaus Voormann
Jack Bruce
Tom McGuinness

I grew up in South Africa, but like many people at that time, I couldn't bear living in the country. The main motivation for moving to Britain was to get away.
Manfred Mann
The age of 18 seemed the right time to try something different in my life. Moving to the U.K. was a risk, and I was never confident that I could ever make a full-time living being a musician, but I had to try. Initially, I worked as a jazz musician in pubs or with bands.
Manfred Mann
In 1962 I wrote for 'Jazz News,' using the pseudonym Manfred Manne, which I picked because of a jazz drummer with that name. I later dropped the 'e.'
Manfred Mann
One of my side strange abilities is to hear a good song, no matter how it's being performed. Even if you get a bad performance, I can still hear that there's a good song.
Manfred Mann