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Nalo Hopkinson

Nalo Hopkinson in 2007
Born (1960-12-20) 20 December 1960 (age 56)
Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Writer, editor
Language English
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Afro-Jamaican
Citizenship Canada
Education Master of Arts
Alma mater Seton Hill University
Genre Science fiction, fantasy
Notable works Brown Girl in the Ring
The Salt Roads
Skin Folk
Notable awards Prix Aurora Award,
Gaylactic Spectrum Award,
John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer,
Locus Award,
Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic,
World Fantasy Award

I love science fiction. There are ways in which this community kept me and my partner alive through some very, very bad years, and I will always acknowledge that.
Nalo Hopkinson
I figure this current era of history is the one with the best chance of quality of life for a black, female, disabled, middle-aged, queer person who's most comfortable not fitting in. The odds still aren't great, mind you. But I'll take my chances with the 21st century.
Nalo Hopkinson
I've learned now to have a second title in reserve because, frequently, I come up with titles that seem to make editors' hair fall out.
Nalo Hopkinson
You look at science fiction and look how often it talks about being alien, being alienated about the other. Look at the number of blue people – 'Avatar,' I'm looking at you. And it is now easier to find people of color in science-fiction literature and media, but the issues of representation are still really, really troubling.
Nalo Hopkinson
I am Amaxon Corazon Junia Principia Delgado the Third, and I bent over my meal and wept luxurious tears into my green banana porridge. It was a perfect decoction, and it now would not satisfy me.
Nalo Hopkinson
I'm constantly coming up with new strategies for getting to the mental place where writing is so joyous and playful that I almost can't help putting the words down.
Nalo Hopkinson
It's the thing I struggle with every day: the mental diligence and stamina needed to sit in front of the computer, open the file, start writing and to keep doing so, word after word, until I've created the next story. A combination of learning disability and chronic health issues make that the hardest thing for me.
Nalo Hopkinson
I'm a novelist, editor, short story writer. I also teach, and I freelance sometimes as an arts consultant. Most of my books have been published by Warner Books, now known as Grand Central Books.
Nalo Hopkinson