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Nelson Peltz
Born (1942-06-24) June 24, 1942 (age 74)
Brooklyn, New York, United States[1]
Residence Bedford, New York
Palm Beach, Florida[2]
Education Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (BS)
Occupation Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner of Trian Fund Management, L.P.[3][4]
Net worth US$ 1.35 billion (February 2016)[5]
Board member of Wendy’s Company (Chairman)
Mondelēz International Inc.[6]
Ingersoll Rand plc[7]
Legg Mason, Inc.[8]
Spouse(s) wife 1 (divorced)
wife 2 (divorced)
Claudia Heffner[9]
Children 10 (8 with Heffner)

If I'm on the board of any company where there's an offer that comes in, I want to negotiate.
Nelson Peltz
I spent most of my career operating businesses and fixing businesses, not staring at a Bloomberg screen.
Nelson Peltz
Sequestration, sequestation – however you pronounce that word – and gridlock aren't all that bad.
Nelson Peltz
I believe in pay for performance.
I don't mind anybody coming after me as long as they're coming with facts.
Nelson Peltz
I try to figure out the marketing puzzle.
I love women.
Rupert Murdoch is a good friend of mine.
After Cadbury, the candy company, separated from Dr. Pepper, the soft drinks maker, Cadbury was able to substantially lower its debt load. The profits of Cadbury, the candy company, zoomed.
Nelson Peltz
I'm willing to have two directors on the DuPont board, me being one of them.
Nelson Peltz
It appears that PepsiCo views structural change as a sign of weakness, an admission of failure, and an untenable break with past traditions.
Nelson Peltz
Before, Tiffany sold watches only in its own stores. Now, Tiffany watches are sold in 1,500 stores.
Nelson Peltz
My kids are exhausted every day, and I keep them that way. It's gym, ice, homework. They're too tired to get in trouble.
Nelson Peltz
I understood the power of Heinz since I was a kid, and I started to work for my father selling food to restaurants.
Nelson Peltz
Sometimes it takes longer to create value, but if the companies generate more earnings, the stocks will ultimately reflect that.
Nelson Peltz
The name 'Mondelez' I hate. It sounds like a disease.
You must make some decisions Wall Street dislikes.
You know what term you don't hear anymore? Arbitrage. The markets have gotten too efficient.
Nelson Peltz
Legg Mason's structure is misunderstood by the market. Legg Mason has an affiliate model. They own 100% of their affiliates, which are investment managers such as Permal, Western Asset Management, and Royce.
Nelson Peltz
The activists play the balance sheet by selling a division to buy back stock and leveraging the balance sheet and buying back more stock.
Nelson Peltz