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Pattie Maes

Maes (left) with Hiroshi Ishii, July 2012
Born 1961 (age 55–56)
Brussels, Belgium
Residence Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Citizenship United States
Fields Computer Science
Institutions Vrije Universiteit Brussel, MIT
Alma mater Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Thesis Computational Reflection (1987)
Doctoral advisor Luc Steels[1]
Doctoral students Marcelo Coelho
Doug Fritz
David Merrill
Pranav Mistry
Bradley Rhodes
Sajid Sadi
Natan Linder
Michael Best
Known for work on software agents, collaborative filtering, human–computer interfaces

I've been intrigued by this question of whether we could evolve or develop a sixth sense – a sense that would give us seamless access and easy access to meta-information or information that may exist somewhere that may be relevant to help us make the right decision about whatever it is that we're coming across.
Pattie Maes
I try to eat healthy, but being Belgian, I'm also addicted to chocolate.
Pattie Maes
I am not one of those people who lives for work. I enjoy sculpting and photography and tennis and swimming. I simply do not have enough time. My life is not in control.
Pattie Maes