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Raghav Bahl
राघव बहल

Bahl at Forbes Life India Launch
Alma mater St. Stephens College, University of Delhi (B.A.)
Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi (M.B.A.)
Occupation Formerly Founding/Controlling Shareholder & Managing Director of Network18 group,
Now founder The Quintillion Media Pvt Ltd
Spouse(s) Ritu Kapur
Children Tara Bahl, Vidur Bahl

I believe journalism or news will migrate to the online medium.
To build a digital media company, you have to focus equally on content and technology. In content, you have to focus equally on the written word and video.
Raghav Bahl
I don't enjoy doing the daily stuff… but I would love to do something like the series that I did on 'Change India.' That was not just news. The programme was based in public policy, so that kind of influences change.
Raghav Bahl
When you start something new, you can be sure that the first few years will be full of failures and disappointments.
Raghav Bahl
I have great admiration for the way the Americans do business. They drive a hard bargain, but once they do it, they stick to their contracts.
Raghav Bahl
In my world view, clearly the Internet is a huge force multiplier for Indian media because it has not crept up on us like something invisible; we've seen it all play out in the West.
Raghav Bahl
Open access is good, but we have to have ways and means where content that has been generated with a lot of effort and cost also gets the chance to monetise itself as is now beginning to happen in the West where some publications are really beginning to make their Internet revenue lines and subscription revenue lines quite significant.
Raghav Bahl