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Abdur Rahman Baba
Native name عبدالرحمان بابا
Born 1653 CE (1064 AH)
Bahadur Kelay, Hazarkhwani, Peshawar, Mughal Empire (in present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan)
Died 1711 CE (1123 AH) (aged 57–58)
Resting place Peshawar
Known for Pashto poetry, Sufism
Notable work Dīwān
Home town Peshawar
Parent(s) Abdus Sattar Ghoryakhel

This world is very good as if we do good deeds then we will get its fruits. World is bitter for those who are live their life with corruption or sins.
Rahman Baba
There is no doubt in the sanctity of Mecca, but a donkey won't become a Hajj pilgrim by just going through the motions.
Rahman Baba
Always grow flowers, as that will make your way full of flowers. Never grow thorns, as that will make your way thorny. Never want to target someone on an arrow. You may become the target of that arrow. Never make a well in the way of someone. As you may pass by that way sometime.
Rahman Baba