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Randolph Scott

Scott in the early 1930s
Born George Randolph Scott
(1898-01-23)January 23, 1898
Orange County, Virginia, United States
Died March 2, 1987(1987-03-02) (aged 89)
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Cause of death Heart and lung disease
Resting place Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina
Occupation Actor
Years active 1928–1962
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Marion DuPont (1936–39)
Patricia Stillman (1944–1987; his death); 2 children (Christopher, Sandra)

I had always been a fatalist about my career. What was to be was to be.
Frankly, I don't like publicity.
Westerns are a type of picture which everybody can see and enjoy. Westerns always make money. And they always increase a star's fan following.
Randolph Scott
I'm a great believer in fate. I think things happen in spite of, and despite, yourself.
Randolph Scott
My retirement is both voluntary and involuntary. One reason, and this is voluntary, is the impact of television. All old movies are turning up on television, and frankly, making pictures doesn't interest me anymore. Another reason is that the film industry is in a declining state.
Randolph Scott