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Samantha Stosur

Stosur at the 2015 Mutua Madrid Open
Country (sports)  Australia
Residence Gold Coast, Australia
Born (1984-03-30) 30 March 1984 (age 32)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)[1]
Turned pro 1999
Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Coach(es) David Taylor (2008–2013, 2015–2016)
Miles Maclagan (2013–2014)
Simon Rea (2014–2015)
Prize money US$16,332,923
Official website Official website
Career record 540–363 (59.8%)
Career titles 8 WTA, 4 ITF
Highest ranking No. 4 (21 February 2011)
Current ranking No. 21 (26 December 2016)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open 4R (2006, 2010)
French Open F (2010)
Wimbledon 3R (2009, 2013, 2015)
US Open W (2011)
Other tournaments
Tour Finals SF (2010, 2011)
Olympic Games 3R (2016)
Career record 382–198
Career titles 24 WTA, 11 ITF
Highest ranking No. 1 (6 February 2006)
Current ranking No.99 (9 May 2016)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian Open F (2006)
French Open W (2006)
Wimbledon F (2008, 2009, 2011)
US Open W (2005)
Other doubles tournaments
Tour Finals W (2005, 2006)
Olympic Games 2R (2008)
Mixed doubles
Career titles 3
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Australian Open W (2005)
French Open SF (2005)
Wimbledon W (2008, 2014)
US Open QF (2005)
Other mixed doubles tournaments
Olympic Games QF (2012)
Team competitions
Fed Cup SF (2014), Record 33–15
Hopman Cup RR (2006, 2010, 2014)
Last updated on: 9 May 2016.

That $27,000 that a young player will now get just for making the main draw at the Australian Open is huge. It can set them up for a couple of months which at that level you really do need that kind of help. It sounds like a lot of money, but when you're travelling the world trying to make it as a tennis player, it doesn't last long.
Samantha Stosur
I think all tennis players have to struggle through the early stages of their career. We start off playing tournaments and really just get by. I always had a dream to play in the big tournaments and never have doubted if it was worth it. Having to battle a little early on in my career makes it all the more worthwhile now.
Samantha Stosur
I started mountain-bike riding two years ago, which is much better than riding a stationary bike in the gym. Mountain biking is a total body workout.
Samantha Stosur
Tennis Australia really led the charge as far as upping the prize money and trying to do the right thing by the players. They also led the way so women have equal prize money in all the grand slams too.
Samantha Stosur
Tennis takes care of everything. It requires agility and quickness to get to the ball, core strength to get power into your shorts and stamina to last for an entire match. In addition to toning your arms and shoulders, it's a total body workout for your legs and abs, and works your heart and core unlike any other sport.
Samantha Stosur
I did always dream of being a professional player. I think every kid does dream of being a pro, but to last the journey you have to love tennis as a sport and if you are lucky enough to make it in the pros, it is really a bonus.
Samantha Stosur
Flexibility is crucial to my fitness. Incorporating a good warm-up and cool-down into every session decreases my chances of injury. I use both dynamic and static stretching in my training. I've starting doing a few yoga sessions which incorporates muscle strength and flexibility.
Samantha Stosur
I'm not the first player to have their home Grand Slam and not perform. There have been a few Australians and French players, you name it. It's a tough thing. But it is one of those things. Would I rather have a Grand Slam in my country than not? I would.
Samantha Stosur
Tennis is all about mental toughness, and you have to keep your head in the game. I make time to relax away from competition pressures, travel and intense training schedules to make sure I'm looking after myself. Taking time out with family and friends helps to maintain the work-life balance everyone needs.
Samantha Stosur
I love anything that involves the ocean. Swimming, snorkelling or surfing are all fun, which distracts from your mind that you are actually doing a workout. Being outdoors in the sun and the salt water is great for freeing your mind and feeling alive.
Samantha Stosur
I love to get home and hang out with my family. My brothers and I love spending time at the beach. I enjoy doing all kinds of surf sports and keeping healthy.
Samantha Stosur
Receiving the Newcombe Medal for a third year in a row is an amazing honour. The Newcombe Medal is a great occasion for the Australian tennis community to come together and celebrate our sport, recognise people's achievements and contributions to Australian tennis.
Samantha Stosur
When I'm playing my best, like I was at the U.S. Open, I feel on top of the match and able to do exactly what I want. There are other times when you're not in control, but that is tennis and you have momentum changes in every single match.
Samantha Stosur
My workouts include aerobic exercise for a healthy cardiovascular system; strength training to maintain muscle tone and bone density; core strength exercise for a stable mid-section; and stretching to maintain mobility.
Samantha Stosur
I don't really remember the day we lost our home in the floods, but looking back I can understand how devastating it was for my parents. I was only six, so I remember us having to move to Adelaide – but not much of the actual day and night of the flood. We had to start all over again and my parents opened a cafe.
Samantha Stosur
It is never too late to get into tennis! While I started playing at the age of 8 when my parents gave me a tennis racquet for Christmas, tennis is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people of almost any age. It's also something you never forget once you learn.
Samantha Stosur
I think Serena Williams is the best tennis player of this generation, if not the best ever. It is amazing for her to be playing as well as she is at the age of 31.
Samantha Stosur
I get my drive and determination from just winning and playing tennis. I know if I don't work, I won't get rewarded. It was a life long dream to win a Grand Slam so when I was able to do that it felt so good and I wanted to do it again. It's not that hard to stay motivated.
Samantha Stosur
You hear a few people saying that, you know, maybe some of the past male players like to watch me play or whatever else, just because I play a bit differently and maybe they can relate to it a bit more with a bigger forehand rather than a backhand, good serve and whatnot.
Samantha Stosur
Core strength and stability is very important to me. Tennis is all about rotation of the body and my ability to create power. I incorporate a lot of abdominal, back and glute exercises into my gym sessions.
Samantha Stosur
I think I will always stay involved in tennis and would like to give back by helping out young players. I have done a little commentary and may one day enjoy doing that again.
Samantha Stosur
People think that there is so much money in tennis, but the reality is unless you're ranked in about the top 50 you don't earn much at all. It is hard to support yourself travelling the world, to be away from home most of the year and to pay for a coach to help you become a better player.
Samantha Stosur
In tennis it's easy to get greedy – and one Grand Slam doesn't feel enough any more.
Samantha Stosur
Daniel, my big brother, is eight years older. I'm lucky he didn't mind hanging out with his little sister and my younger brother.
Samantha Stosur