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Samuel de Champlain

Detail from “Deffaite des Yroquois au Lac de Champlain,” from Champlain’s Voyages (1613). This self-portrait is the only surviving contemporary likeness of the explorer.[1]
Born Samuel Champlain
baptised August 13, 1574[2][Note 1]
Brouage or La Rochelle, Aunis, France
Died December 25, 1635(1635-12-25) (aged 61)
Quebec City, Canada
Occupation navigator, cartographer, soldier, explorer, administrator and chronicler of New France
Known for exploration of New France, foundation of Quebec City, being called The Father of New France

I directed the men in our barque to approach near the savages, and hold their arms in readiness to do their duty in case they notice any movement of these people against us.
Samuel de Champlain
They might in the future more than ever before engage in hunting beavers.