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Sandra Echeverría
Born Sandra Echeverría Gamboa
(1984-12-11) December 11, 1984 (age 32)
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Occupation Actress, Singer, Model
Years active 2002-present
Spouse(s) Leonardo de Lozanne (2014-present)
Partner(s) Demian Bichir (2006-2009)
Reyli (2010-2011)

I don't like to be in the public eye or talk about my private life.
I think us women need to appreciate ourselves, and I think we need to really go after our dreams. Us Latinas tend to sacrifice too much for our husbands, our families, and our kids. We sometimes give up on our dreams in order to help the ones we love. I think it's important to feel accomplished and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.
Sandra Echeverria
Music is what I always dreamed of doing. But at a certain point in my career, they convinced me to act, and that started me acting.
Sandra Echeverria
I always wear sunblock before my makeup. Sometimes, as Latinas, we think our skin holds the sun better, even if it's cloudy. That's not true. You always need SPF.
Sandra Echeverria
Give your child quality time. If you're going to be with him for two hours, then disconnect from absolutely everything. Look at him in the eyes – get to know your baby. Sitting there as you watch TV is not quality time to me.
Sandra Echeverria
You never want to look back on life and say, 'I did nothing.' Because then you'll live the rest of your life upset at yourself and at everyone else around you.
Sandra Echeverria