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Terry Semel

Semel at the Web 2.0 Conference 2005
Born (1943-02-24) February 24, 1943 (age 73)
Brooklyn, New York
Residence East Gate Old Bel Air, Los Angeles
Nationality American
Education Bachelor of Science
Alma mater Long Island University
Spouse(s) Maryann Semel (divorced)
Jane (Bovingdon) Semel
(m. 1977 – present)
Children 4
Parent(s) Mildred Wenig Semel
Ben Semel

Yahoo is all about content. Deep reservoirs of important content in many, many strong areas.
Terry Semel
I myself am a builder and get totally excited about building Yahoo! as a brand and building it into a bigger and better company. That's what I intend to do.
Terry Semel
At Yahoo, we were one of the early proponents of the power of content showcased through new media. SnagFilms, with its large library and breadth of digital distribution, can help shape this next phase, bringing great stories to broad new audiences.
Terry Semel
Sometimes, on a personal level, I wince.
There is nothing to be embarrassed about being profitable.
The Internet and Yahoo are firmly established as 'must buys' for brand advertising.
Terry Semel
I don't think that Yahoo or any other Internet company should try to become a television network. We will be nowhere if we have to create our own content.
Terry Semel
Our new attitude is how can we put you in front of our customer.
Search, which is extremely important, represents about 5% of the page views on the Internet and 40% of the revenue. So, highly monetized.
Terry Semel
When I began working in Yahoo, my family moved with me. Despite our efforts, our kids wanted to study in Los Angeles, and I was forced to see my family and friends only on weekends. In the beginning I even enjoyed it, but knew that at some stage I'd want to go back home.
Terry Semel
Yahoo! is the only company with both scale and leadership in branded and search advertising.
Terry Semel
While more great films are being made every year, it is increasingly difficult to get indies into theaters or on TV.
Terry Semel