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Zarin Mehta
Born (1938 -10-28) October 28, 1938 (age 78)
Bombay, India
Citizenship Canada arrived 1962, naturalized 1969
Occupation Performing arts administrator
Employer Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, California
Salary $1 million (2008-9 season)[1]
Title Executive Director
Board member of Barenboim-Said Foundation, treasurer
WNYC Radio
Advisory Council, Mehli Mehta Foundation (with Zubin)[2]
Spouse(s) m. Carmen Lasky, July 1, 1966
Children Rohanna, daughter
Rustom, son
Parent(s) Mehli Mehta and Tehmina Mehta
Relatives Zubin Mehta, brother
Awards Bravo award, Dominican Republic, 1996
Arts Entrepreneurship award, Columbia College, 1997
Dushkin award, Music Institute of Chicago, 1998.

Accountancy prepares one to be able to run very different kinds of businesses, and my background prepared me for the music.
Zarin Mehta
I think in all cultural organizations there has to be renewal. I'm also of a certain age that someone new can come in with a breath of fresh air. Things change, and I think that's important.
Zarin Mehta
I would still like to own and run a restaurant serving Indian food with a good dollop of Parsi cooking – which you can't seem to get anywhere.
Zarin Mehta
Too many people dwell on the past: the thing is to get on with life.
I grew up with music very much in my life. I achieved success by combining my training as an accountant with my family upbringing and love of music.
Zarin Mehta
My paternal grandfather Rustom Mehta had a huge influence on me because of his ethics and his values.
Zarin Mehta