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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein in 1921
Born (1879-03-14)14 March 1879
Ulm, Kingdom of Württemberg, German Empire
Died 18 April 1955(1955-04-18) (aged 76)
Princeton, New Jersey, US
Residence Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria (present-day Czech Republic), Belgium, United States
Subject of the Kingdom of Württemberg during the German Empire (1879–1896)[note 1] Stateless (1896–1901) Citizen of Switzerland (1901–1955) Austrian subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1911–1912) Subject of the Kingdom of Prussia during the German Empire (1914–1918)[note 1] German citizen of the Free State of Prussia (Weimar Republic, 1918–1933) Citizen of the United States (1940–1955)
Fields Physics, philosophy
Swiss Patent Office (Bern) (1902–1909) University of Bern (1908–1909) University of Zurich (1909–1911) Charles University in Prague (1911–1912) ETH Zurich (1912–1914) Prussian Academy of Sciences (1914–1933) Humboldt University of Berlin (1914–1917) Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (director, 1917–1933) German Physical Society (president, 1916–1918) Leiden University (visits, 1920) Institute for Advanced Study (1933–1955) Caltech (visits, 1931–1933)
Swiss Federal Polytechnic (1896–1900; B.A., 1900) University of Zurich (Ph.D., 1905)
Thesis Eine neue Bestimmung der Moleküldimensionen (A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions) (1905)
Doctoral advisor Alfred Kleiner
Other academic advisors Heinrich Friedrich Weber
Known for
General relativity and special relativity Photoelectric effect E=mc2 Theory of Brownian motion Einstein field equations Bose–Einstein statistics Bose–Einstein condensate Gravitational wave Cosmological constant Unified field theory EPR paradox
Ernst G. Straus Nathan Rosen Leó Szilárd
Notable awards
Barnard Medal (1920) Nobel Prize in Physics (1921) Matteucci Medal (1921) ForMemRS (1921)[1] Copley Medal (1925)[1] Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1926) Max Planck Medal (1929) Time Person of the Century (1999)
Spouse Mileva Marić (1903–1919)
Elsa Löwenthal (1919–1936)[2][3]
Children "Lieserl" (1902–1903?)
Hans Albert (1904–1973)
Eduard "Tete" (1910–1965)

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.
Albert Einstein
The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
Albert Einstein
The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.
Albert Einstein
He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.
Albert Einstein
There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.
Albert Einstein
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein
Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein
Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein
The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
Albert Einstein
It stands to the everlasting credit of science that by acting on the human mind it has overcome man's insecurity before himself and before nature.
Albert Einstein
Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.
Albert Einstein
Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.
Albert Einstein
The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.
Albert Einstein
Mozart's music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe.
Albert Einstein
I very rarely think in words at all. A thought comes, and I may try to express it in words afterwards.
Albert Einstein

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