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Barry Diller
Diller at the 2009 premiere of the Metropolitan Opera
Born Barry Charles Diller
(1942-02-02) February 2, 1942 (age 74)
San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Occupation Media executive
Years active 1964–present
Net worth US$2.6 billion (October 2015)[1]
Spouse(s) Diane von Fürstenberg
Children Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg, Princess Tatiana von Fürstenberg (both step-children)

The ability for consumers to receive broadcast over the air signal is their right.
Barry Diller
What we need to do is replace the entire tax code. I do not think it makes sense to say, 'Let's just grab money from, quote, the wealthy'... The issue is the tax code's rotten and we should start truly over with a simple code that is fair and transparent.
Barry Diller
There's no way you can predict what is going to happen in six months or two years in most businesses, and certainly not for businesses that are growing at the rate that we have grown.
Barry Diller
Urbanspoon is a nice, little application and it's perfect, of course, for CitySearch because of the reviews it contains and the ability for CitySearch to use that content.
Barry Diller
Facebook's the real deal. Nobody can buy Facebook now. Everybody has taken an angle at it. But Facebook may be the place that organizes everybody's personal information. It's got a very good chance of being that.
Barry Diller
What I've learned over the years is that focus and singular purpose is the best approach for businesses.
Barry Diller
Sometimes it seems like there's more footnotes than text. This isn't something we're proud of, and over time we'd like to see our footnotes steadily shrink.
Barry Diller
Twenty years ago, there were dozens and dozens of independent television producers. There are a couple now, at the most. Mark Burnett, Endemol. It's gone. Everybody works for the Man now. And it's natural law, how that happened: Nobody prescribed it, but it's how things worked out and how it has been for decades, period.
Barry Diller
Hollywood is a community that's so inbred, it's a wonder the children have any teeth.
Barry Diller
We have a tax code whose complications and levels of unfairness and levels of choosing people to give tax breaks to and choosing people to deny them to is thousands of pages long with endless complications and unbelievable manipulations by everybody.
Barry Diller
The directories businesses still make nothing but money. They're overleveraged, they're bankrupt entities, but they still are the largest. This is all going to move online over time. Why Citysearch and Service Magic are so important to us, is because nobody has really colonized it yet completely.
Barry Diller
I absolutely believe the Internet is passing from its free days into a paid system. Inevitably, I promise you, it will be paid.
Barry Diller
Napster has pointed the way for a new direction for music distribution, and we believe it will form the basis of important and exciting new business models for the future of the music industry.
Barry Diller
Since I was in my early twenties, at ABC, I was always only interested in things that were not already being done.
Barry Diller
What's happened to broadcasting is that broadcasting really used to be... it used to have a very clear public service quotient. And it's more or less now. And it's been lost.
Barry Diller
This is a world in which reasons are made up because reality is too painful.
Barry Diller
If we're going to talk about our businesses, we're going to have to talk about them within the constraints of the disclosure rules, without giving guidance, because we're not going to give guidance, because we don't believe that it is a sensible game to play.
Barry Diller

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