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Behati Prinsloo
Born (1989-05-16) 16 May 1989 (age 27)[1]
Grootfontein, South-West Africa (modern day Namibia)[1][2]
Nationality Namibian[1]
Spouse(s) Adam Levine (m. 2014)
Children 1
Modeling information
Height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)[3]
Hair color Light brown[4]
Eye color Hazel[4]
Women Management (New York, Milan)[5][6] Elite Model Management (Paris) [7])

I'm an advocate for if you take something, you have to give something back, and I think Raw Spirit shares that philosophy. I love that it gives back to the communities they partner with. It's just truly a pure of hearted company.
Behati Prinsloo
I am a woman after all, so some days I feel good and sexy in a bikini, and other days, I'm like, 'Where are my caftans?!'
Behati Prinsloo
I have so many bras. I have so many, and then they get lost, and I look for a simple nude one to wear, and I can't find one because there's, like, lace and crazy colors that I never wear.
Behati Prinsloo
I also love a good cheesy movie, and I'm kind of addicted to my computer.
Behati Prinsloo
I can't deal with the gym too much if I don't have somebody telling me what to do.
Behati Prinsloo
Like my makeup, I keep my hair simple. It's either down or in a ponytail.
Behati Prinsloo
My favourite way of getting ready for a red carpet event is to turn the hair and makeup time into a bit of a pre-party. I use the same artists all of the time, so we know each other so well - so it's a 'hanging with friends' session. Music, lots of laughing, and food - because you must eat before the event.
Behati Prinsloo
Honestly, I don't shop in L.A. very much - it's mostly in New York or when I'm away on trips.
Behati Prinsloo
I travel so much for work that when I fly, I prefer to travel light and bring a carry-on bag that I don't need to check.
Behati Prinsloo
I think I've learned a lot just from being in the industry in general, and I never really thought about what to put in my hair to get a perfect beach wave until I started modeling. People will use certain products on me, and I learn that way.
Behati Prinsloo
For summer, I definitely love doing stuff outside. I love beach volleyball if you're close to something like that. It's really fun; you can do it with a lot of friends.
Behati Prinsloo
I think the T-Shirt bra is really special for Victoria's Secret because it's that kind of simple bra that you wear under the t-shirt, so it doesn't have any lace or anything like that. So it's very smooth; it's very comfortable; it doesn't have a lot of padding in it.
Behati Prinsloo
I tried a juice cleanse once, and by the third day, I wanted to kill everyone. I honestly don't even think it's healthy. It's not good for you to just drink juice. Like, if you detox for one or two days, fine, but a 10- or 14-day juice cleanse? You have headaches, and I was in the worst moods. I couldn't do it. Starving.
Behati Prinsloo
I listen to a lot of Sublime. Dude, I'm obsessed with Sublime. You have no idea.
Behati Prinsloo
If I'm in N.Y.C., I love walking around during the summer. It's hot, but I love it. I enjoy seeing everyone out. New York is such a fun place. The energy is so amazing here during the summer.
Behati Prinsloo
When I have a shoot or a big job coming up, I try my best to work out four or five times a week.
Behati Prinsloo
I like to start the day with yoga. It's the best way of moving into the day.
Behati Prinsloo
My closet is pretty organized, I'm proud to say. It's set up by type of clothes and then by color. And then, of course, there's the rotating from spring/summer to fall/winter.
Behati Prinsloo
I think every girl has a little bit of rebellion inside. It's always fun to not follow every trend and not be the perfect good girl. It's edgy to be a little rebellious.
Behati Prinsloo
I'll paddle board, swim in the ocean, roll in the sand, soak up the sun, eat good food, be with friends and family and go fishing with my dad.
Behati Prinsloo
First date, it's always fun to go somewhere or do something, like go see a band... not make it too formal.
Behati Prinsloo
When you pump up your exercise, it makes you feel better and makes you look better, so you do a better job. It's mental, too.
Behati Prinsloo

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