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Ben Bernanke
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
In office
February 1, 2006 – February 3, 2014
President George W. Bush
Barack Obama
Deputy Roger Ferguson
Donald Kohn
Janet Yellen
Preceded by Alan Greenspan
Succeeded by Janet Yellen
Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
In office
June 21, 2005 – January 31, 2006
President George W. Bush
Preceded by Harvey Rosen
Succeeded by Edward Lazear
Personal details
Born Ben Shalom Bernanke
(1953-12-13) December 13, 1953 (age 63)
Augusta, Georgia, U.S.
Political party Republican (Before 2015)
Independent (2015–present)
Spouse(s) Anna Friedmann
Children 2
Alma mater Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The crisis in Europe has affected the U.S. economy by acting as a drag on our exports, weighing on business and consumer confidence, and pressuring U.S. financial markets and institutions.
Ben Bernanke
Remember that physical beauty is evolution's way of assuring us that the other person doesn't have too many intestinal parasites.
Ben Bernanke
Stronger regulation and supervision aimed at problems with underwriting practices and lenders' risk management would have been a more effective and surgical approach to constraining the housing bubble than a general increase in interest rates.
Ben Bernanke
I generally leave the details of fiscal programs to the Administration and Congress. That's really their area of authority and responsibility, and I don't think it's appropriate for me to second guess.
Ben Bernanke
After a long period in which the desired direction for inflation was always downward, the industrialized world's central banks must today try to avoid major changes in the inflation rate in either direction.
Ben Bernanke
One would be forgiven for concluding that the assumed benefits of financial innovation are not all they were cracked up to be.
Ben Bernanke
Low and stable inflation in many countries is an important accomplishment that will continue to bring significant benefits.
Ben Bernanke
In the future, my communications with the public and with the markets will be entirely through regular and formal channels.
Ben Bernanke
The children of the unemployed achieve less in school and appear to have reduced long-term earnings prospects.
Ben Bernanke
People saw the Depression as a necessary thing - a chance to squeeze out the excesses, get back to Puritan morality. That just made things worse.
Ben Bernanke
Growth in U.S. real imports slowed to about 3 percent in 2006, in part reflecting a drop in real terms in imports of crude oil and petroleum products.
Ben Bernanke
I and others were mistaken early on in saying that the subprime crisis would be contained. The causal relationship between the housing problem and the broad financial system was very complex and difficult to predict.
Ben Bernanke
Sector-specific price declines, uncomfortable as they may be for producers in that sector, are generally not a problem for the economy as a whole and do not constitute deflation.
Ben Bernanke
Among other objectives, liquidity guidelines must take into account the risks that inadequate liquidity planning by major financial firms pose for the broader financial system, and they must ensure that these firms do not become excessively reliant on liquidity support from the central bank.
Ben Bernanke
A gold standard doesn't imply stability in the prices of the goods and services that people buy every day, it implies a stability in the price of gold itself.
Ben Bernanke
I've never been on Wall Street. And I care about Wall Street for one reason and one reason only because what happens on Wall Street matters to Main Street.
Ben Bernanke
My proposal that Fed governors should signal their commitment to public service by wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts has so far gone unheeded.
Ben Bernanke
No economy can succeed without a high-quality workforce, particularly in an age of globalization and technical change.
Ben Bernanke
Every effort needs to be made to try and offset the costs of Katrina and Rita by reductions in other government programs, especially those that are wasteful, duplicative and ineffective.
Ben Bernanke

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