Quotes by: Camila Alves

I'm a mother of three. I don't really have the time to put very elaborate outfits together, so I keep it casual but dress it up with shoes, a bag, and jewellery.
Camila Alves
I respect marriage, and I think it's beautiful that people do it. But for me, more important than anything is having a peaceful life and a peaceful home.
Camila Alves
I have a hard time finding high boots that go up to your knee, because of the shape of my calves.
Camila Alves
I have vintage things that I got nine, 10 years ago, and every time I clean my closet, I can't get rid of them. I think, 'I will never find this again!'
Camila Alves
The way we do music in Brazil is very different because we are so moved by music; we grow up with that.
Camila Alves
We tried every single way of giving birth. It didn't work. I wasn't too crazy about having to do a C-section and take all the drugs. Finally, I just had to be like, 'Let it go.'
Camila Alves
A lot of people, sometimes they're so stuck on, 'I gotta get married, I gotta get married.' They forget that the really important thing is to have a healthy home, a healthy family, a healthy environment for your kids and to have everything going in a good, peaceful way.
Camila Alves
It wasn't such a pleasant experience. We went through 14 hours with contractions every two minutes, no epidural, no nothing. Every two minutes, I would pass out. I went to the hospital on Saturday, and Levi was born on Monday.
Camila Alves
The main thing for me is to make sure our home is peaceful, that it's healthy, that the kids are good.
Camila Alves
One thing that we decided very early in the relationship is that when he goes, we all go - the whole family.
Camila Alves
I never understood when people go, 'Oh my gosh, it's so easy being pregnant.' No, it's hard. It's the most beautiful thing, yes, but it's hard.
Camila Alves
A lot of the time, you see something really beautiful, but if you don't have the perfect figure and are a really small size, it won't work well for you.
Camila Alves
My kids love going to school. When my son started going to kindergarten, we asked him, 'How was it?' and his only complaint was that he didn't get to stay in there longer.
Camila Alves
One of my favorite memories from growing up in Brazil is being in the kitchen with my family and watching everyone bake and cook.
Camila Alves
Because my hair is curly, I used to do all the straighteners, the Japanese this and the Brazilian that. And at the end of the day, your hair ends up not having a texture, not having the body - no shine. You're pretty much frying your hair. So understand the type of hair you have and do the best with what you have.
Camila Alves
I was never the girl that grew up saying I want to get married. I actually told my parents to not expect me to get married.
Camila Alves
My father always told me, 'Before you become a queen, you have to learn how to take care of your own things.' So I knew how to do all of it, but I had never really done it on a daily basis. So I was cleaning houses, and I started working restaurants.
Camila Alves

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