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Carlos Fuentes
Fuentes in 2009
Born Carlos Fuentes Macías
(1928-11-11)November 11, 1928
Panama City, Panama
Died May 15, 2012(2012-05-15) (aged 83)
Mexico City, Mexico
Resting place Cimetière de Montparnasse, Paris
Occupation Novelist, writer
Nationality Mexican
Period 1954–2012
Literary movement Latin American Boom
Notable works
The Death of Artemio Cruz (1962) Terra Nostra (1975) The Old Gringo (1985)
Rita Macedo (1959–73) Silvia Lemus (1976–2012, his death)
Cecilia Fuentes Macedo (1962–) Carlos Fuentes Lemus (1973–1999) Natasha Fuentes Lemus (1974–2005)

Here among my books, my wife, my friends and my loves, I have plenty of reasons to keep living.
Carlos Fuentes
Like all of Latin America, Mexico after independence in 1821 turned its back on a triple heritage: on the Spanish heritage, because we were newly liberated colonies, and on our Indian and black heritages, because we considered them backward and barbaric. We looked towards France, England and the U.S., to become progressive democratic republics.
Carlos Fuentes
What I want is to respond to the challenge posed by the mass media - to permit the novel to say what can only be said by narrative - to allow it to be itself.
Carlos Fuentes
I started my own magazine with drawings, commentary, news, film reviews and drawings.
Carlos Fuentes
The United States condoned dictatorships in Latin America for much of the 20th century.
Carlos Fuentes
There must be something beyond slaughter and barbarism to support the existence of mankind and we must all help search for it.
Carlos Fuentes
The historical problem of the United States is to admit that it is a multiracial and multi-ethnic nation.
Carlos Fuentes
I believe in books that do not go to a ready-made public. I'm looking for readers I would like to make. To win them, to create readers rather than to give something that readers are expecting. That would bore me to death.
Carlos Fuentes
My system for staying young is to work a lot, to always have a project on the go.
Carlos Fuentes
The new world economic order is not an exercise in philanthropy, but in enlightened self-interest for everyone concerned.
Carlos Fuentes
Under the veneer of Westernization, the cultures of the Indian world - which have existed for 30,000 years! - continue to live. Sometimes in a magical way, sometimes in the shadows.
Carlos Fuentes
I don't think any good book is based on factual experience. Bad books are about things the writer already knew before he wrote them.
Carlos Fuentes
I always felt a little worm inside me: 'Now you need to write a novel with a woman protagonist.'
Carlos Fuentes
I am a morning writer; I am writing at eight-thirty in longhand and I keep at it until twelve-thirty, when I go for a swim. Then I come back, have lunch, and read in the afternoon until I take my walk for the next day's writing.
Carlos Fuentes
What the United States does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is understand others.
Carlos Fuentes
You have an absolute freedom in Mexican writing today in which you don't necessarily have to deal with the Mexican identity. You know why? Because we have an identity... We know who we are. We know what it means to be a Mexican.
Carlos Fuentes
There are now 30-year-old Mexican writers who do great novels in which Mexico isn't even mentioned.
Carlos Fuentes

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