Quotes by: Carolina Herrera

Thank God my hair is always the same. And I get dressed very quickly. I am not one of those people who spend three hours getting dressed. I never understood that. What do you do for the two and a half hours after the half hour it takes you to get ready?
Carolina Herrera
I believe that you have to treat the people who work with you like your family.
Carolina Herrera
We always know better than anybody else what looks best on us. Even if people are complimenting you, if you think, 'I hate what I have on,' it's not right.
Carolina Herrera
There isn't a book that has changed me, but I have favourites such as 'Pride and Prejudice' which I often re-read.
Carolina Herrera
You never expect anything when you are 20 because you think that you'll never get older.
Carolina Herrera
I prefer clothes that are simple, well-cut, but with one major extravagance. Something with the sleeves, with the skirt, but nothing too fussy, too flashy.
Carolina Herrera
We women manage to do many things at the same time. Men, no. Men do one thing at a time.
Carolina Herrera
I've had work done on my eyes in the past. However, I think there are limits. I wouldn't ever have too much done, as it looks unnatural, and I don't think you should do anything to your lips, as it changes the entire shape of your face.
Carolina Herrera
Sometimes you see women that don't realize that age is changing your style, and they don't change.
Carolina Herrera
Age is something only in your head or a stereotype. Age means nothing when you are passionate about something.
Carolina Herrera
Most people travel with a good book, but I also keep my agenda with me; I'll flip through the pages and take a few moments to organize my life a little - I rarely get the time to do this normally.
Carolina Herrera
You feel very romantic when you're in a ball gown. Everyone should wear one once in a while.
Carolina Herrera
I love white shirts because they feel like a security blanket. You can wear them with anything. It's the person and the way that they wear it that makes it different. I have been designing white shirts forever, but I don't get tired of it.
Carolina Herrera
I am very shy. When I go to a charity ball, I don't mind if people look at my sleeves. I mind terribly if I have to say something.
Carolina Herrera
You can be very feminine and be a leader. Christine Lagarde, she's very chic and she dresses very well, and she's a woman. And she has a lot of power.
Carolina Herrera
Fashion should be fun. It shouldn't be labelled 'intellectual.'
Carolina Herrera

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