Quotes by: Damian Lewis

I've had loss in my life, and I like to think my mother's energy lives on in some faintly Buddhist way. I do find some comfort there.
Damian Lewis
You know, this idea of going around the world imposing democracy by growing a middle-class, a trading merchant class that is independent of your faith, is a good notion, but we're all partially different - it's no good imposing systems on people that it doesn't suit.
Damian Lewis
It's certainly true that I was brought up in that British amateur tradition, the one which always held that if you were reasonably good at cricket, knew one or two Latin texts and a few zingy Oscar Wilde quotes for dinner parties, you were pretty much ready to go and run some outpost in Hindustan.
Damian Lewis
I want to make a clear distinction between people who take acting seriously and people who call themselves actors because they've been on reality TV or something.
Damian Lewis
I love going for a swim. Growing up in England, anywhere with a pool seems like the height of glamour to me.
Damian Lewis
The lesson I learned is that sometimes the task you have at hand needs all of your concentration and focus.
Damian Lewis
When I'm working in America, I wake up with an American accent and stay with it all day till makeup comes off. I just want everyone to be at ease, and not have the show's creators think, 'Oh my god, he's so English, why did we hire him?'
Damian Lewis
I think very few people still understand the distinction between CEOs on Wall Street and the hedge-fund billionaires operating separately.
Damian Lewis
I'm one of those idiots; when I'm working in America, I wake up with an American accent and stay with it all day till make-up comes off.
Damian Lewis
Dramatically it's always more interesting to conceal rather than reveal things.
Damian Lewis
I'm not an American, but I have this weird connection to America in different ways through my dad living here for five years, my godfather being an American who I'm very close to.
Damian Lewis
No Western government has ever played the long-term in terms of foreign policy.
Damian Lewis
You can't do something that is morally vacuous or dysfunctional and then write it off saying, 'It wasn't my film, I was just doing a job in it.'
Damian Lewis
Seeing a man praying to Allah is enough for some people to assume he is a terrorist.
Damian Lewis
It's successful, middle-class Arab men and women, professionals with seemingly happy family lives, who are prepared to go to paradise for a greater cause. That's terrifying.
Damian Lewis
I suppose where I am sort of reflects the work I have chosen to do. Are there occasional frustrations because I can't work with a certain director because it's a big studio movie, and I don't have enough of a studio profile? The answer is yes. But generall... generally, I have the career I have chosen myself.
Damian Lewis
I'm sponsored by Audi, so I have this rather lovely rather arrangement where they just insist that I'm always in the latest model.
Damian Lewis

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