Quotes by: Dan Webster

Once we relieve them from sanctions, their economy opens up, and they can sell oil and pistachios and whatever else they sell around the world. That was why Iran needed a deal. Everyone knows they fund terrorism around the world. Having that extra money will add a lot of problems and create a lot more hot spots.
Dan Webster
I'm going to be as sincere as I can in delivering the message I think is right. If people agree, great, and if they don't, I did my best.
Dan Webster
I'm a homing pigeon. When I'm in Tallahassee, I give everything I have to being, hopefully, the best legislator I can be. When I'm home, I'm home. I try to not do legislative stuff. That brings a balance to life.
Dan Webster
We have a lot of talented people in this Congress, and we can avoid a lot of unintended consequences if we just included them.
Dan Webster
It's different from Washington in that in the legislature, you have to go home and have a job and actually make a living on your own. That gives you a different perspective.
Dan Webster
You take away the money from Israel? No. That's something we can't do.
Dan Webster
You have got to clean your own house first before you tell other people that they aren't doing it right.
Dan Webster
Some people have been talking about - every place I go, they bring up the issue of foreign aid. I go, 'You can't get rid of all foreign aid.'
Dan Webster
The only way to improve the GOP brand and make good public policy is to fix the process. This requires transforming the way Congress does business.
Dan Webster
There's a picture there that people realize that, we stop helping Israel, we lose God's hand, and we're in big time trouble.
Dan Webster
I changed that system in Florida when I was the Speaker of the House - I was the Minority Leader; I saw for 16 years the way a power system works.
Dan Webster
We have a spending problem, not a taxing problem. The less we spend, the more jobs we have the potential to create.
Dan Webster
If we do our job right, then we have everything to stand on. If we don't do our job, we have everything to lose on.
Dan Webster

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