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Daniel Radcliffe
Radcliffe at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International
Born Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
(1989-07-23) 23 July 1989 (age 27)
Hammersmith, London, England
Residence Manhattan, New York, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1999–present

And well historically it's never been a good thing to compare yourself to biblical characters.
Daniel Radcliffe
And I'm slightly in love with Scarlett Johansson: she's just stunning. And she's bright, which is incredibly sexy.
Daniel Radcliffe
When you're in the position I'm in, you have two options: you can either shut yourself off from everybody, from the world, and not live a full life. Or you welcome everybody into your life and occasionally somebody will try to take advantage.
Daniel Radcliffe
I'm not clean or even vaguely pleasant to be around in a domestic situation.
Daniel Radcliffe
I know I'm not a coal miner, but I do long hours and I never complain, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. So, yeah, that's how I'd define myself. I want to do it right, and prove people wrong once and for all about the myth of child stars.
Daniel Radcliffe
My dad grew up in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, desperate to get to London. I grew up in London, so I don't know what it's like to yearn for the big city from a small town.
Daniel Radcliffe
It's interesting because people assume that because I'm famous I know all famous people.
Daniel Radcliffe
Fans are really important for me. And if they take pains to write me, it's the minimum that I answer myself.
Daniel Radcliffe
My parents are left-wing, and I would describe myself as that. But also, you know what? I wouldn't describe myself as that. Because I don't have to. Because I'm not a political party. Most people are a little bit of each, and we change our mind on various issues.
Daniel Radcliffe
Also I just think I've been lucky enough to have great parents, and I've had good people around me who have always been honest with me, who would give me a purely metaphorical slap if I ever got too big for my boots.
Daniel Radcliffe
I played bass for a year, but I wasn't getting better at it, so I decided to stop so I could see my friends.
Daniel Radcliffe
Because I'm short and slim, I can identify with somebody who's an unlikely fit for something and desperately wants to be part of it.
Daniel Radcliffe
I'm a huge fan of Brad Pitt. He could have done rom-coms his entire career, but he took it in a different direction.
Daniel Radcliffe
My taste in the films I've taken as an actor is similar to what I'd do a director or writer: all quite odd, challenging stuff, slightly off-the-wall.
Daniel Radcliffe
A lot of modern horror can leave me cold, and I'm not good with blood and gore and all that stuff. It's not fun for me. There's nothing entertaining about watching a film like that.
Daniel Radcliffe
I feel very English in a suit. There's something about being in a suit abroad, particularly in America, that feels empowering.
Daniel Radcliffe
I'm quite confident, but I don't fancy myself. I don't really care about how I look.
Daniel Radcliffe
I sort of try to read the books when they come out impartially and not make up my mind, but the fact is when I was reading the sixth, 'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince', there were bits in there where I was going, 'God, I would love to do that because it's so good'.
Daniel Radcliffe
I was fortunate enough to meet Sophie Dahl. And I'm slightly in love with Scarlett Johansson: she's just stunning. And she's bright, which is incredibly sexy.
Daniel Radcliffe
I didn't have that normal teenage period when you build up your friends in your area and you have a social circle.
Daniel Radcliffe

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