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Danny Bonaduce
Bonaduce in May 2007
Born Dante Daniel Bonaduce
(1959-08-13) August 13, 1959 (age 57)
Broomall, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Occupation Actor, radio/TV host
Years active 1969–present
Known for The Partridge Family
Setsuko Hattori (m. 1985–88) Gretchen Hillmer Bonaduce (m. 1990–2007) Amy Railsback (m. 2010)
Children 2
Website http://www.dannybonaduce.net

If you're a kid in Southern California, somebody - whether it's you or your parents - somebody throws your hat into the ring and I think everyone had a commercial or two.
Danny Bonaduce
If you ever get rich and famous, by definition you are special. You have done something special, and therefore you start to behave special. Then if the floor drops out, and you become down and out, you have a really new perspective.
Danny Bonaduce
The fact is, I made $400 a week and only for 26 weeks a year. I never had any money.
Danny Bonaduce
I think I would have had less tumult in my life if I hadn't grown up in my particular house.
Danny Bonaduce
As it has been told to me, my Dad had some kind of deal with Dick Clark. But when we got here, that fell through. So we were out here with no job, no furniture, no food.
Danny Bonaduce
Being a child star is great. It's being a former child star that sucks.
Danny Bonaduce
There are all of these people that say, my mommy doesn't love me enough, my daddy doesn't hug me enough. There are some people that would want to coddle them somewhere. I want them to shut up and stop whining.
Danny Bonaduce
Now it seems like people want to do damage to young celebrities. They want to find them doing bad things. They encourage them.
Danny Bonaduce
I am a proud participant of the Spencer Tracy School of Acting: Know your lines, don't bump into the furniture.
Danny Bonaduce
There's nothing like turning on the radio and listening to the high-speed chase that you're leading police on!
Danny Bonaduce
I married an excellent parent, but I'm not sure that I've made a great parent.
Danny Bonaduce
It's funny, because I'm a man of strong opinions and when I make one, I stand by it even if it starts to appear incorrect to me after a while.
Danny Bonaduce
There are people, radio talk show hosts, those kind of people, it's their job to only have one opinion, they can't tell you about their feelings. They have to go with what pays their bills.
Danny Bonaduce
My motto in life is, 'If anything is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.'
Danny Bonaduce
If you have an impossible dream, a dream that cannot be fulfilled, the friendly thing for me to do is to put a stop to you wasting your life at it.
Danny Bonaduce

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