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Edward James Olmos
Olmos at 2013 Miami International Film Festival premiere of Filly Brown
Born Edward Huizar Olmos[1]
(1947-02-24) February 24, 1947 (age 69)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, director
Years active 1974–present
Spouse(s) Kaija Keel (m. 1971–92)
Lorraine Bracco (m. 1994–2002)
Lymari Nadal (m. 2002)
Children 6

Right now, the Anglo people are desperately trying to hold on to the United States, like they tried to hold on to Africa.
Edward James Olmos
You know, Hillary Clinton gives of herself. Princess Diana gave of herself. But they are not saints.
Edward James Olmos
There are nuclear weapons in China, Iran, Korea and Pakistan. It wouldn't take much to send a couple of warheads off on this planet somewhere that would cause a lot of environmental damage, then if you have got someone who wants to retaliate you have real problems.
Edward James Olmos
Had I done the movies that were offered to me in my prime, at the height of my career, I would have been alongside the likes of Denzel Washington. But, I chose not to do those movies.
Edward James Olmos
Basically, I think that there are some characters that you can just allow the truth of your character as a human being in your real life to come through.
Edward James Olmos
A saint is a person who gives of themself without asking for anything in return. That's how simple it is to be a saint. Try it! Try being a saint.
Edward James Olmos
There is no way that we know what is going on between the African American and the Asian American. We don't understand what an Indigenous American is. We don't understand what a Latino American is.
Edward James Olmos
'Stand and Deliver' has been the most successful thing I have done in my life. So many people have seen it. There was really no need for me to do anything else.
Edward James Olmos
Education is the key. But it's the kind of education that we teach that is the key. We don't have it.
Edward James Olmos
I think in Vice and American Me I played very silent, rigid characters and people remember them.
Edward James Olmos
Now I also discipline myself to do things I love to do when I don't want to do them.
Edward James Olmos
Yeah, the New York Times is very intellectual and very, very prestigious, but it doesn't reach the market that People magazine does.
Edward James Olmos
And I've been acting for 39 years, so I define characters differently than I did in say Miami Vice.
Edward James Olmos
We don't have as much prejudice as we did 40 years ago, but today it is more educated.
Edward James Olmos
Our inability to relate to one another is very, very, very important. When we don't have it, we get situations like Bosnia.
Edward James Olmos
You get more churches burned down in the United States in the last two years than in the last hundred, because of the lack of understanding of culture and diversity and the beauty of it.
Edward James Olmos

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