Quotes by: Ehud Barak

Ladies and gentlemen, the relevant question is not when Iran will get the bomb. The relevant question is at what stage can we no longer stop Iran from getting the bomb.
Ehud Barak
There is a thin line between peace of the brave and peace of the hostage... between compromise - even calculated risk - and irresponsibility and capitulation.
Ehud Barak
Israel always has a special filter to look at things, and that is the attitude toward Jews.
Ehud Barak
Israel is the strongest nation in the Middle East, but we have to apply our strength wisely.
Ehud Barak
Sometimes you have to subordinate strategic considerations to tactical needs.
Ehud Barak
In Israel, there is a peace camp that can convene 200,000 people in central square of this city, on very short notice, and there is a major movement among academics, politicians, thinkers, and public leaders for peace, even at a painful price. On the Palestinian side, you can find them individually here and there, but there is no public movement.
Ehud Barak
One of the lessons learned in the Middle East is to never try to anticipate the other side's moves.
Ehud Barak
I hope any government formed in Egypt will understand there is no choice but to maintain the framework of international agreements, which include the peace agreement with Israel.
Ehud Barak
Since the Six-Day War, the whole world, which is the real arena of battle between us and the Palestinians, believes that Israel is right in regard to procedure, namely problems and disputes should be solved around the negotiating table.
Ehud Barak
You can easily justify to anyone about the need to keep supporting Israel. We get very generous support. We need it.
Ehud Barak
We are living in an open world. There is a freedom of speech and, clearly, freedom of speculation.
Ehud Barak
The Syrian rebels, weakened by infighting, have also been victims of the growing rift between the U.S. and its closest Arab allies.
Ehud Barak
Try to think for your own why the Russians and the Chinese do not like the idea that whoever takes aggressive steps to keep order within his sovereign borders should not accept others to intervene physically.
Ehud Barak
I think that Jordan is strong. I think that they will hold on. I believe that they've already opened their parliament and their system, the press and others, to many voices... And I hope and wish that they will remain stable for a long time.
Ehud Barak
Russians in top positions always told me, 'We don't want to deal with our allies the way that the Americans dealt with Mubarak,' which is a very live example in the minds of many.
Ehud Barak

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