Quotes by: Ehud Olmert

Ehud Olmert
12th Prime Minister of Israel
In office
14 April 2006 – 31 March 2009
Acting: 4 January 2006 – 14 April 2006
President Moshe Katsav
Shimon Peres
Deputy Tzipi Livni
Preceded by Ariel Sharon
Succeeded by Benjamin Netanyahu
Mayor of Jerusalem
In office
2 November 1993 – 16 February 2003
Preceded by Teddy Kollek
Succeeded by Uri Lupolianski
Personal details
Born (1945-09-30) 30 September 1945 (age 71)
Binyamina-Giv'at Ada, Mandatory Palestine
Political party Likud (1973–2006)
Kadima (2006–present)
Spouse(s) Aliza Olmert
Children 4 (including Shaul and Dana)
Alma mater Hebrew University of Jerusalem

As long as there are no negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel is and will continue to be in a difficult situation.
Ehud Olmert
I'm not in power, but my ideas are in power. And my ideas will prevail.
Ehud Olmert
For me, Arik Sharon - I remember his courage and inspiration. I want to remember him the way he really was, not as an aging 80-year-old man living in bed helpless and unconscious.
Ehud Olmert
As a citizen of a democratic state, I have always believed that when a prime minister is elected in Israel, even those who voted against him at the polls are obligated to desire his success.
Ehud Olmert
I know the war in Iraq is controversial in the States, but for us in the Middle East it has made a great and significant impact.
Ehud Olmert
As mayor of Jerusalem, I wanted the government to invest the necessary funds in order to unite the city in an effective manner with full rights for the Palestinians living in Jerusalem, so the world would say, 'Okay, it can work.'
Ehud Olmert
I'm not in the most comfortable position, but I think my government is very stable, perhaps more stable than any government in modern Israeli history.
Ehud Olmert
I have reached a conclusion that when we have to make a choice between greater Israel or a Jewish democratic state - and we have to make this choice, it is inevitable - then my choice is a Jewish democratic country.
Ehud Olmert
The history of the Zionist enterprise is well-known: surrounded and outnumbered by hostile neighbours, the nascent Israel was forced to defend itself against invasion and certain destruction.
Ehud Olmert
Already at the time of Israel's birth, Ben-Gurion extended his hand in peace to the Arab nations. His hand was rejected, but it remains extended.
Ehud Olmert
From the end of 2006 until the end of 2008 I think I met with Abu Mazen more often than any Israeli leader has ever met any Arab leader. I met him more than 35 times. They were intense, serious negotiations.
Ehud Olmert
Political leaders can help change the psychological climate which affects the quality of relationships among people.
Ehud Olmert
The United States is a superpower whose influence reaches across oceans and beyond borders.
Ehud Olmert
In my position as prime minister, I bear the highest responsibility for decisions.
Ehud Olmert
Have I made mistakes in my many years of political activity? Of course! I am sorry and regret them.
Ehud Olmert
Israel always has to be in a position to defend itself against any adversary and against any threat of any kind.
Ehud Olmert
I don't like this terminology that you have no choice. You always have a choice.
Ehud Olmert

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