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Fleur East
East performing in 2011
Background information
Also known as Fleur
Born (1987-10-29) 29 October 1987 (age 29)
Origin Walthamstow, London, England
R&B hip hop soul pop dance
Singer rapper songwriter dancer fitness model
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2005–present
Syco Strictly Rhythm Columbia
Associated acts
Addictiv Ladies DJ Fresh

I've always loved working out. When I was little, my dad used to make me and my sister do 10 press-ups every day before we brushed our teeth in the morning. It was like a boot camp! Then I did a lot of athletics at school and was a dancer.
Fleur East
I didn't grow up in a wealthy family at all. Being at home all day and watching movies, that was a luxury.
Fleur East
I'd done an EP, and nothing came from that, and I didn't know where to go from there.
Fleur East
Even before I auditioned for 'X Factor' the second time, I was doing a lot of dance music.
Fleur East
It's funny because the perception is that the typical 'X Factor' contestant is the person who's just working 9 to 5 and just decides to one day go and audition. So yeah, for me, it was a very different story.
Fleur East
Everyone's path is really different, and you just have to be in the right place at the right time. 'The X Factor' gave me that chance I needed, that platform.
Fleur East
I've been hyper-conscious about staying away from rubbish. I don't eat white bread, white rice or cereal unless it's porridge.
Fleur East
Traditionally with debut albums, labels insist on a face, so people know who you are.
Fleur East
I feel like I'm quite versatile. I want to do lots of different styles.
Fleur East
Everyone assumes it is just 'Wendy who works at Tesco' who goes to audition for 'X Factor,' and then their lives are changed, wham, like that. Me, I am someone who has tried for years in the music industry.
Fleur East
I've worked in a call centre and as a nightclub waitress. I served champagne to Rihanna.
Fleur East
I used to hate performing in front of anybody, but I was forced to sing in front of family, at family gatherings. Then it slowly developed, and I started to love it.
Fleur East
I uplift people and see the good in a bad situation. The worst is I'm very critical of myself. If I do a performance, I watch it 100 times afterwards and pick it apart.
Fleur East
'The X Factor' was the final push I needed to have the presence and confidence on stage, which I didn't have before. It's a crash course in the music industry. If you can survive the show, you're ready for the industry.
Fleur East
Just before I auditioned for 'The X Factor,' there was nothing in my diary at all. I had no shows; nothing was happening. It was make-or-break time for me, and I had to consider doing another career altogether.
Fleur East
My mum is black, my dad is white, and when I was a teenager, people would say, 'So what are you? Are you black? Or white? What are you more of?'
Fleur East
I used to shop in ASDA all the time. Every now and then I still go in to get a little salad for lunch.
Fleur East
Before going on 'X Factor' again, I felt like I'd tried everything else.
Fleur East
Even writing verses from my first album, there were songs that I didn't use because I just felt that they weren't really for me. But I think that happens naturally when you write songs. You're in a different mood in every session. There's so many songs out there that could potentially be used by other artists.
Fleur East

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