Quotes by: Francois Hollande

I don't like indecent, unearned wealth. But it is legitimate for an entrepreneur who has created something to make a good living.
Francois Hollande
I will not give way because too many previous governments have backed down.
Francois Hollande
The British people have decided to leave. It is a sad decision but one which I respect. The vote puts the European Union in difficulties. It must recognise its shortfalls.
Francois Hollande
We are near, very near, to an end to the eurozone crisis... The worst - in the sense of the fear of the eurozone breaking up - is over. But the best isn't there yet.
Francois Hollande
Daesh is the enemy of Europe, and Europe cannot live with the idea that the crises that surround it don't have an effect on it.
Francois Hollande
Being in the European Union has its advantages, and I think that is what the British are beginning to understand, what those who are tempted by the Brexit are going to reflect upon.
Francois Hollande
In August 2012, the international community should have been far more determined in dealing with the Bashar Assad regime.
Francois Hollande
What the French want is coherence, stability and justice. If I am in a favorable position today, it's because my fellow citizens want to make the effort to straighten out the country, and at the same time they want it to be just and equitable.
Francois Hollande
People are tired of constant movement, improvisation, and wild scrambling when plans fail.
Francois Hollande
Muslims in France should be able to practice their religion freely and safely.
Francois Hollande
If I become president, France will not continue with the same policies as under Nicolas Sarkozy - both in domestic policy and in foreign and European policy.
Francois Hollande
There cannot be any concessions on the matter of human rights or the criteria for visa liberalisation.
Francois Hollande
I won't wait until the end of my term to say I made mistakes at the beginning. That's too late. I will try to adopt the proper behaviour, if the French give me the chance, right from the start.
Francois Hollande
I prefer that people remember me as a president who made reforms rather than a president who did nothing.
Francois Hollande
I want the French people to respect values that allow each individual to practice his or her faith, but in the frame of our common rules of secularism.
Francois Hollande
We find ourselves in a difficult situation in Europe. There's a crisis, weak growth, unemployment... my duty is to ensure that by the end of my mandate France is in a better state than it was at the beginning.
Francois Hollande

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