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Frank Ocean
Ocean in 2011
Background information
Birth name Christopher Edwin Breaux
Born (1987-10-28) October 28, 1987 (age 29)
Long Beach, California, U.S.
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Genres R&B
Singer songwriter[1] rapper[2][3][4] record producer
Vocals keyboards guitar
Years active 2005–present
Def Jam[5] Island Boys Don't Cry
Associated acts
Odd Future Tyler, The Creator André 3000 Kanye West James Blake John Mayer Pharrell Williams Jay Z Beyoncé Earl Sweatshirt Malay Om'Mas Keith
Website boysdontcry.co

I feel like I was writing as I was learning to talk. Writing was always a go to form of communication.
Frank Ocean
People are just afraid of things too much. Afraid of things that don't necessarily merit fear.
Frank Ocean
We were poor. But my mom never accepted that. She worked hard to become a residential contractor - got her master's with honors at the University of New Orleans. I used to go to every class with her. Her father was my paternal figure.
Frank Ocean
I feel like I was writing as I was learning to talk. Writing was always a go-to form of communication. And I knew I could sing from being in tune with the radio.
Frank Ocean
I enjoy singing my songs in front of people. I enjoy being involved in making the artwork for albums and stupid stuff like that.
Frank Ocean
I've written some great things. That's a gift, but there's consequences. Yeah, you get this great work, but you suffer. You really, really suffer.
Frank Ocean
As a writer, as a creator, I'm giving you my experiences. But just take what I give you. You ain't got to pry beyond that.
Frank Ocean
I don't ever want to be caught up in a system of thinking I can do one thing 'cos that's just... that's just telling yourself a lie.
Frank Ocean
Some people focus more on sonics. Some people focus more on story. I focus on both sonics and story.
Frank Ocean
It's about the stories. If I write 14 stories that I love, then the next step is to get the environment of music around it to best envelop the story, and all kinds of sonic goodness - sonic goodies.
Frank Ocean
I booked my first studio at like 12 or 13. Somewhere in that season of my life, singing along with the radio became me wanting to be on radio, you know.
Frank Ocean
My grandfather was smart and had a whole lot of pride. He didn't speak a terrible amount, but you could tell there was a ton on his mind - like a quiet acceptance of how life had turned out.
Frank Ocean
The first four and a half years was me in the studio every day, writing songs for other people. I had jobs, too - eleven jobs. I worked at Kinko's, Fatburger, Subway - I was a sandwich artist - and I was a claims processor at Allstate Insurance.
Frank Ocean

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