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Gary Sinise
Sinise in 2011
Born Gary Alan Sinise
(1955-03-17) March 17, 1955 (age 61)
Blue Island, Illinois, U.S.
Alma mater Illinois State University
Occupation Actor, director, musician
Years active 1973 (1973)–present
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Moira Harris (m. 1981)
Children 3

I go into military communities and do fundraisers and that kind of thing with the band, because I know that the music can help do a lot of things. It can bring communities together, it can raise awareness... and it entertains.
Gary Sinise
Being able to act for a living is a blessing. I have a great theater company that's almost 40 years old.
Gary Sinise
There's always the ongoing actor frustration of finding the great role to do next. I don't go to work a lot. I wait as long as I can until the money runs out or a great part comes along.
Gary Sinise
I have veterans in my family. But I didn't know anything about DAV, Disabled American Veterans.
Gary Sinise
You've got to keep taking certain risks, because my priority is in acting, it's not in movie stardom.
Gary Sinise
The wonderful drama teacher at my high school, Barbara Patterson, saw me standing in the hall and told me I should audition for 'West Side Story.' I guess she thought I looked like a gang member.
Gary Sinise
I do spend a lot of weekends on the road. I have to pace myself. It can be pretty busy, but I'm not out in the Afghan desert with 70 pounds on my back, away from my family for a year at a time. I keep a good perspective on it.
Gary Sinise
I've worked with a lot of really fine actors, both on stage and on screen. The level of their game lifts me up and brings the level of my game up to theirs. Always. It's like a constant upgrade.
Gary Sinise
I save money when I'm working so that I never have to take a role simply to pay the bills.
Gary Sinise
Sometimes you're in great demand. Then suddenly your career hits the breaks.
Gary Sinise
Unless you have a long-running series, most actors just go job to job if you're lucky to keep working. You just do a movie or a play or a TV thing, and it's over at some point.
Gary Sinise
Have I done more business-related things to help my career grow? Yeah. I took the business end more seriously, hooked up with a manager, got some help, because at a certain point, you get frustrated when you go do auditions, and people say you did a great job, and then you don't get he part.
Gary Sinise
I'm not registered to any party. I don't really play in the political world. I'm really more interested in getting things done.
Gary Sinise
I started a theater called Steppenwolf. We've been very supportive of the veterans there.
Gary Sinise
I think you're lucky if you discover what you really love at a young age. College wasn't something I was going to do. I wanted to keep acting, and I didn't want to go to New York or California and pound the pavement.
Gary Sinise
Well, I've been to Iraq twice now. I was in Baghdad in June and then north of Baghdad in November.
Gary Sinise
My mission is to support our service members. They're volunteers, and if they're going to go to a hostile place like Afghanistan, I think we owe it to them to back them up and try to help them get through it.
Gary Sinise
I've directed enough in the theatre and a couple of films to know that - to feel fairly secure that if I find a story that I really like I can probably get it done somewhat.
Gary Sinise
Wherever I go for the military, they always call me Lt. Dan. They just can't help it.
Gary Sinise
I have a band that I started with a buddy of mine, a Vietnam veteran pal named Kimo Williams from Chicago.
Gary Sinise
Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on time. The trick is to always keep the engine running.
Gary Sinise
'The Stand' came out in May of '94 and was seen by 60 million people a night for four nights, and then two months later, 'Forrest Gump' opened. So within a very short time, I went from being depressed about not getting any work to being in two of the most popular shows of the year.
Gary Sinise
I can honestly say that I've done everything I've wanted to do, always. Not without difficulty. But every time I wanted to do something, I just did it, from the age of 18 when I started my own theater with my friends. When I decided I wanted to act. I just bit the bullet.
Gary Sinise

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