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Geddy Lee
Lee playing his Fender Jazz Bass and singing at a 2008 live performance at the Xcel Energy Center
Background information
Birth name Gary Lee Weinrib
Born (1953-07-29) July 29, 1953 (age 63)
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
Genres Progressive rock, hard rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter, producer
Bass vocals keyboards
Years active 1968–present
Labels Mercury, Anthem, Atlantic
Associated acts Rush, Big Dirty Band
Website rush.com
Notable instruments
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Rickenbacker 4001
Rickenbacker 4080
Custom Wal basses
Steinberger basses

I was taking piano lessons with a very good piano instructor in Toronto, and I'm afraid due to my schedule and discipline, it kind of fell apart. One thing lead to another and I was unable to practice as much as I wanted to.
Geddy Lee
I think jamming is the way we begin to communicate. In the old days, people actually wrote notes on paper and sent them to each other. I guess that's how they jammed.
Geddy Lee
My diet, my regime, the whole life I have on the road has always got that little bit of stress because I'm always afraid I'm going to get a cold. And it's just such a nightmare when you got a cold or an irritation and you have to do a show.
Geddy Lee
Sometimes it's nice to have a song that can be taken more then one way, so it can be interpreted differently.
Geddy Lee
I like to be able to come and go as I please, and I don't really like having my face and name plastered around. I think it's a bit weird to have your name plastered on every page in a magazine, where in each case you're using a different piece of equipment.
Geddy Lee
The first song that made me interested in music was 'Oh, Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison. It was the guitar intro, that riff, that I really liked and made me listen in a different way.
Geddy Lee
For me, there is a lot of room for improvement and there are a lot of things I would like to be better at.
Geddy Lee
My studio is designed for atmosphere. I have a really cozy, comfortable room that has a great, huge glass door that views my backyard.
Geddy Lee
It's a battle between record company, between producer and between mastering engineer. Because the louder you make your record in a digital process, the more dynamics are squished out of it. Nobody knows exactly what happens, but the dynamics in the performance disappear, and everything is at the same volume.
Geddy Lee
If you have some magical chemistry that actually find the music you make compelling, that is a big bonus.
Geddy Lee
I worry about my voice 24/7 when I'm on tour. It's like a pitcher and his arm. It's constantly the thing that my whole life revolves around.
Geddy Lee
Rock and Roll does have its limits as far as the aging process. You want to go out there and play while you're at your peak, right? I think that's encouraging us to keep going out on the road - to maximize the playing at the moment.
Geddy Lee
I can't remember the first song I learned to play on bass, but the first song I learned to play on guitar was 'For Your Love' by the Yardbirds. That kind of was the beginning for me. I thought it was a great song and I loved the open chord progression at the beginning of that song.
Geddy Lee
Some writing and production projects will be a great way to spend my elderly rock years.
Geddy Lee
So, I don't know what is going to happen when the CD comes out, how well it will sell, etc. But, from a personal point of view, it was a very worthwhile endeavor.
Geddy Lee
Well, I've been lucky. I've never gotten a voice polyp. I've never gotten nodes. But I do get sick, usually every tour, and to varying degrees. Sometimes it's a sinusitis.
Geddy Lee
I prefer to think of myself as a musician who is still learning and trying to do something every time out.
Geddy Lee
I liked the fact that I was forced to get inside of my emotions and to really try to figure out a lot of what I was going through.
Geddy Lee

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